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Resource License

Generally, levidio prohibits its users to give resource files or raw files to clients. So we require each user to provide the final file to the client in the form of a video file such as mp4 or wmv or other files such as jpg, png or pdf, so that it is not possible for your client to change / re-edit the work created using levidio.

As for certain cases such as presentation creation services, it is very likely that your client will need a raw file to facilitate presentation. Therefore we offer 2 best solutions for you :

  1. Still offering the final files, namely video & graphics (.mp4, .wmv, .jpg, .png, .pdf) to clients so no additional fees are required.
  2. Purchase a resource license or raw file license from levidio.

Resource files or raw files are the highest level in a digital work that must be maintained and highly valued to protect the exclusivity of a digital work, in this case Levidio.

Definition of Resource License / Raw File License

All formats, excepts :
MP4 / WMV / (Video)
PDF / JPG / PNG (Static image)
Are considered a raw file

The examples of raw file formats:
PPTX, PPT, PPTM, PPSM, and other formats
which allows the user to do re-edits, even if the editing is limited to images, text, or other small things, no matter how small via PowerPoint or other editing tools, are considered raw files.

Thus, you are required to register your client,
On every client, on every single project

Raw files are the highest level work in a digital work that must be maintained and highly valued to protect the exclusivity of a digital work, in this case, Levidio.

I. Service and License Agreement

The use of license / raw file licenses for levidio products has terms and use restrictions for the purposes used in your project for your clients. Raw file license users are not allowed to use levidio products outside of your project interests

Levidio users with resource licenses / raw file licenses are not allowed to use levidio which is used for activities outside the project needs.

Resource File is only for personal needs, one client, not for resale, not allowed to be given to another person (sub-licensed is prohibited)

A client is someone who orders your video and graphic creation services.

You are not allowed to claim and offer Levidio as a template that you can resell. What you can offer are his services. If any client requires raw files it is the client's awareness to request raw files and the purchase of raw files will take effect

II. Service & License Terms

The use of Levidio products with a raw file license is limited only for project needs and not for personal needs or outside the project. Use of the license must be following the usage agreement according to the terms and conditions at

Prohibited to resell,

Prohibited to share it back,

Prohibited to modify, resell, and share it.

It is used for Client’s personal use.

III. Raw File Requests Processes

You are required to give information of your client’s use. Either name of client or their contact. There will be a specific form that will be made into a usage license certificate automatically. You must give this to your client, so that they know the usage limitations.

Your data is guaranteed to be safe and we will not contact the client directly, but we will contact them through you, except, if there is a very fatal misuse of the products such as selling these templates.

IV. Users Limitation

Raw file license/resource license can only be used limitedly for one client in one project.

The limitations of using levidio with raw file licenses are as follows:

  1. Raw file is the last/final solution if clients really want to have editable files for certain reasons, such as; presentations.
  2. Raw file prices start at $27 per project for 1-25 slides. The multiple applied for every 25 slides. If there are 10 projects, you are required to buy 10 raw file licenses. Every 1 project is used for 1 client, the calculation is the total number of slides for 1 project and 1 client. This raw file license can also be a new business opportunity because you can ask your clients for an additional fee / charge if they really need the raw file.
  3. The project referred to in this clause is 1 x your project deal with the client. If in that 1 project you use several assets and various levidio versions that you have, it still only counts the license for 1 project or USD 250,000.
  4. The raw file is only valid for one order, the client who receives the raw file is not allowed to resell or share the PowerPoint file for free, only for one person's personal needs, it can be for commercial purposes such as paid seminar presentation materials or paid video tutorials without having to provide template files to other people, and stick to the rules

These are the terms and conditions of the raw file license as a guideline for limiting the use of levidio products for each raw file license user. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding the rules and usage of the Levidio raw file license.

To get a license, you can go directly to the license page. To purchase a Resource / Raw File License, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team here.

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