License to use Levidio products

Lisensi Levidio

Print & Merchandise License

Every user who has purchased levidio products is allowed to use levidio assets and/or templates to make non-commercial merchandise such as making t-shirts, key chains, mugs, hats, or other merchandise within a certain non-profit community and not custom orders or for general sale. and or sold to anyone who generates a material or non-material profit.

Every user is allowed to use the templates or assets from levidio for print purposes, such as brochures, flyers, invitations, and book that is allowed to be published independently or self-published.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for using levidio with a print & merchandise license are as follows:

  1. Your merchandise license will directly get an allocation of 50,000 times or it is already included in the purchase of Levidio products, but users are required to report here when they want to use Levidio for merchandise. Please contact our team via this link for reporting of merchandise usage
  2. Only for non-profit communities such as family communities or small communities with a maximum of 100 members
  3. Can be used for book printing needs (eg using the book module from Levidio Playmockup) which is published independently or self-publishing. It is prohibited to use levidio assets and/or templates to print books published through publishing companies.
  4. Each levidio user gets a print license of 50,000x prints
  5. If 50,000 prints have been achieved using levidio assets, the user is required to repurchase or pay the value of the levidio product to get an additional print license of 50,000x prints.
  6. To repurchase a print license, you can contact the support team here.
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