Our Purpose to Build Levidio

  • 07 May 2021 - 07:36 AM
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The development of the era which was followed by the rapid development of technology also brought changes to the human lifestyle. Nowadays, in this technological era, all digital products have always been a mainstay product. Because of its enormous potential, this is what makes more and more digital-based businesses formed in Indonesia. Rootpixel is one of them. We are an internet-based and digital company with 12 years of experience in the digital business world. 


This 12 years achievement in the digital business world has also received very good appreciation from the international community. This is proven by the many awards we have received, namely 24 awards, where the award was given as an appreciation of our products as the best products. With 12 years of experience and the many awards we have received, we never stop to keep creating innovations in our products. We have launched various digital products as solutions that make it easier and are widely used by technology users in Indonesia. 


One of our products that is included in the best digital product category is Levidio. This product has even sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. Levidio itself is a template for the Power Point program. With this template, users can easily create videos and graphics with very satisfying results like professionals. Levidio aims to make it easy to create videos and graphics, such as the 3 main purposes for this template, namely: 

  1. Become a Video & Graphic Making Solution For Beginners

    The initial goal of making Levidio was to make it easier for novice users to create videos and graphics with quality that is not inferior to professional ones. This convenience is obtained because the tools in this template must also be very familiar to computer users, especially for users who often use the PowerPoint application. 

  2. Become an Effective Media Promotion

    As previously explained, this Levidio is a video and graphic template that makes it easier for beginners to make their own videos and graphics more easily. This convenience is used by small business owners. With the video feature in this application, small business owners can make promotion videos for their products. That way promotion becomes more effective with an effective budget because small business owners can make their own promotional videos without having to pay for video creation services. 

  3. New Opportunities for Other Online Businesses

    Not only makes it easier for users, the existence of Levidio can also open up other business opportunities that are no less promising. Only by utilizing the video features in this template, users can open a new business that offers video creation services to clients. Evidently, just one product produced by Rootpixel can bring more business opportunities for other businesses. 


Various digital products are made to make it easier for users. This principle is always upheld by Rootpixel in making each of its products. As exemplified above. Levidio, which is the best product from Rootpixel, is a digital product that was created for the purpose of making it easier for its users. The 3 goals described above are the main goals of making Levidio. With Levidio, users can easily create their own videos and graphics using only powerpoint.