Introduction to Levidio Licenses

  • 07 May 2021 - 07:43 AM
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Levidio Use License 

All levidio users who make purchases through will automatically get a commercial license. The commercial license allows levidio users to sell video and graphic creation services using levidio templates and assets. Broadly speaking, the use of levidio assets and templates is only allowed if the levidio user sends the final file to the client, for example MP4, WMV, JPG, PNG, PDF and so on. But along with the increasing number of users, the use of levidio has become very diverse for a wider range of needs.  

For this reason, in an effort to clarify and reinforce the limits of what levidio product users should and should not do, we have provided a detailed discussion of the license to use levidio by all users. We have added a full review of the levidio product license in the levidio member area, you can see it by visiting the following link: :  



  1. Education License

    Education License is a license that allows Levidio users to use products for educational purposes such as teaching and learning, free seminars or internal meetings in a certain educational institution with the aim of non-profit or no commercial gain. Can be used for school promotions. The Education License is a form of levidio support to make it easier for teachers or teaching staff in an educational institution to deliver material for educational activities. 



    For more detailed information check here:

  2. School License

    Broadly speaking, a school license is the purchase of educational licenses in bulk, namely 25 to 40 users in one educational organization, a special price of $995 will be given. The use of a school license is the same as an education license, which is only devoted to internal and non-commercial purposes in a particular educational organization. 



    For more detailed information check here:

  3. Non-profit Organization License

    Levidio offers special discounts for purchases by non-profit organizations. The user of this license cannot use levidio for commercial purposes or is only permitted to use it for non-profit purposes.



    For more detailed information check here:

  4. Government License

    Levidio offers special discounts for purchases by government agencies. The user of this license cannot use levidio for commercial purposes or is only permitted to use it for social and governmental purposes.

    For more detailed information check here:

  5. Company License / Corporate License

    The company license covers the need to use Levidio products on teams that are in 1 particular company. The limit on the number of teams that use Levidio products in a company is 2 to 99 users. The advantage of purchasing a company license is that the company is not required to buy the same levidio product. So that an additional 20% discount can be used to buy other levidio versions or not necessarily the same levidio version.



    For more detailed information check here: :

  6. Raw file license

    n general levidio prohibits giving resource files or raw files to clients. So we require each user to provide the final file to the client in the form of a video file such as mp4 or wmw or other files such as jpg, png or pdf, so it is not possible for your client to change / re-edit the results of work made using levidio.



    As for certain cases such as presentation creation services, it is very likely that your client will need the raw file to make the presentation easier. Therefore we offer 2 best solutions for you:

    • Still offering the final files, namely video & graphics (.mp4, .wmv, .jpg, .png, .pdf) to clients so that no additional costs are required.
    • Purchase a resource license or raw file license from levidio. Resource files or raw files are the highest level in a digital work that must be maintained and highly valued to protect the exclusivity of a digital work, in this case Levidio.

    For more detailed information please check here :

  7. Broadcast License

    A broadcast license is required if the user intends to use Levidio for broad broadcast needs such as television broadcasts, feature films or Over the Top (OTT) video distribution, the user is required to have a Broadcast License issued by Levidio.



    For more detailed information please check here :

  8. Print and Merchandise License


    Every user who has purchased a levidio product is allowed to use levidio assets and / or templates for the purposes of making non-commercial merchandise such as making t-shirts, key chains, mugs, hats or other merchandise within a certain non-profit community and not custom orders or for general sale. and or sold to anyone who generates a material or non-material profit.

    Each user is also allowed to use templates and / or assets from Levidio for printing purposes on paper media (print) such as brochures, flyers, invitations and books that can be published independently or self-publishing. You get a Print / Merchandise license for 50,000 prints for each product that has been purchased. You are required to report or ask for a permission when you want to use Levidio for printing / merchandise purposes. When 50,000 prints have been reached, you are required to refill the Print / Merchandise license quota.

    For more detailed information please check here :

  9. Audio License


    Audio is not included with the template except audio from levidio Audio Library, is free audio that can be used by levidio members, you can download and license details in your member area in the bonus section.

Thank you and let’s make a great work using Levidio!