License Terms & Conditions

License Terms & Conditions Gov & Non-Profit Organization

Lisensi Levidio

Gov & Non-Profit Organization License

The terms and conditions for using levidio with a Gov & Non-Profit Organization license are as follows:

  1. Levidio product users with GOV & NPO licenses get complete levidio products and membership access like other levidio users. Levidio products and services with GOV & NPO licenses can only be used solely for purposes related to social government activities, non-profit foundations, training, research or development limited to one government agency and non-profit. Levidio products with a GOV & NPO license cannot be used for commercial, professional purposes or are only permitted to use levidio products for non-profit purposes.
  2. GOV & NPO licenses can only be used for a limited amount of time for teaching staff at one school, university, tutoring, or other educational community. Students and people who have no interest in processes related to social activities, training, research, or community potential development are not allowed to use this product.
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