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Education License

The following are things that teachers with educational licenses need to know about Levidio products. The educational license agreement from Levidio is legally binding. It is made between you either personally or as a licensee of Rootpixel and all derivative products from Rootpixel such as Levidio and so on. This license is valid after your product is activated.

Service and license agreement
The use of educational licenses for Levidio products has terms and restrictions only for educational purposes and is used in schools, universities, tutoring, and other educational communities. Education license users are prohibited to use Levidio products outside the interest of schools, universities, tutoring, or other educational communities.
The use of levidio with an education license is limited only for non-commercial purposes within the scope of certain education, such as teaching and learning activities, internal teacher meetings, creating school profiles, research or seminars, and free training (free).
Levidio users with an educational license are strictly prohibited to use levidio for activities that generate profits, both personal gain, and certain educational institutions, for example, paid seminars, video creation services or presentations, or other forms of activity that generate material benefits.
Terms of service & use
Levidio product users with educational licenses get a complete levidio product and membership access like other levidio users. Levidio products and services for users with an educational license can only be used solely for purposes related to learning, training, research, or educational development limited to educational institutions that use levidio. Levidio products with an educational license cannot be used for commercial, professional purposes or are only permitted to use Levidio products for non-profit purposes.
Users Limitation
The educational license can only be used limited to XX teaching staff at (NAME OF EDUCATION INSTITUTION) Students and people who have no interest in processes related to learning, training, research, or development of education are not permitted to use this product.
Recipients of levidio product files with educational licenses are not allowed to copy or transfer the products to other users. Products received may only be used by 1 (one) person that is related.
Levidio education license holders are not allowed to provide editable raw files to students or other parties. If a student or seminar participant wants a copy of the presentation material file, the speaker is required to provide a final file that cannot be edited such as pdf, jpg, png, or video files such as mp4 and wmv.
If the levidio education license holder is forced to provide raw files, it can be allowed by purchasing a raw file license. Raw files are the highest limit of work so they need to be respected as a form of maintaining the exclusivity of a work. You can contact us for more details.

These are the terms and conditions of the education license as a guideline for limiting the use of Levidio products for each educational license user. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding the rules and use of the Levidio education license.

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