Terms & Conditions

Website : https://levidio.com
License : Levidio Developer License
Validation : Purchase Invoice Number, Valid for one person, Not transferable.
Validation Check : https://support.rootpixel.net
Copyright : Levidio by Rootpixel, Registered officially at the Director General of Indonesian IPR
Last Updated : 16 September 2020
After purchasing Levidio product from the https://levidio.com page you automatically have the rights to get a Levidio Developer License which means You can use Levidio for personal needs as well as commercial needs
What are personal needs?
It’s a non-profitable use. For example, giving free video greetings service to the closest relative / colleague, the final work given is also not for commercial purposes.
What is a commercial project?
A Profit oriented work. For example, you open a video creation service for your client, and you get paid for it. You can check more details about our license in this page
1.1 : Things You Can Do with Levidio Products
[Clause 1A]
You can use Levidio products for your own projects or for client projects as SERVICES, you can make graphic and / or video creation services using Levidio products.
Final files submitted to clients are finished files or final files (video format and image format, for example: .mp4, .wmv, .jpg, .png). It is prohibited to provide RAW FILES (.PPTX, PPTX) or it is prohibited to provide EDITABLE FILES to users. A client is someone who needs your services for making videos and graphics, and he offers a payment in return, so you are not allowed to give a project made with levidio for free.
[Clause 1B]
The Final File submitted to the client is a finished file (video format and image format, for example (.mp4, .wmv, .jpg, .png) It is prohibited to provide RAW FILE (.PPT, .PPTX) or Prohibited from PROVIDING FILES THAT CAN BE EDITED BY USER.
Then what if the client wants a raw format? (video, graphic or website) you just need to buy an extra license, you can directly chat support, submit yor ticket here https://support.rootpixel.net including proof of your successful purchase in the email.
[Clause 1C]
Video / Graphic results made using Levidio may be broadcast on all digital media such as digital media, videotron, and public appeal videos.
1.2 Things You Can’t Do with Levidio Products
[Clause 2A]
It is not allowed to resell Levidio products in any form and format and in any media. You are only allowed to sell video and graphic creation services and provide the final / final format to client, that means you are paid to make a video and graphic for a client and send them with the final format, Once again YOU CAN NOT provide raw files, the final format is video format (mp4, vmv and so on) or image formats (.jpg, .png, etc.).
[Clause 2B]
Can not be used as content in the membership system, one license is only for one user.
[Clause 2C]
Cannot be used as a bonus in any form, all LEVIDIO content is prohibited from being given away for FREE
[Clause 2D]
It is not permitted to compose, imitate, copy part and or all of Levidio's products and all the content in them for resale, or re-sharing.
[Clause 2E]
Not allowed to be used or sold as stock designs. It is strictly forbidden to sell your work from levidio on sites that provide stock design, such as microstock, shutterstock and similar websites.
[Clause 2F]
Not allowed to broadcast on TV broadcasting without the permission of Rootpixel.
[Clause 2G]
Levidio has not yet sold or provided a license for the needs of the team, school / education, or company
The use of levidio for large / national or international companies
The license to use vector design and animation of Levidio in branches / units / organizations / institutions is allowed specifically for social media, advertising media, video tron, billboards in one district / city or the area / region where the buyer (you) or the client works, not nationally or widely. You have to contact us if you want to use one design but it will be used for large national / international companies (that have a lot of branches), because we have different license for that.
Examples of permissible use: for example, you are a salesperson of a large company or there is a large corporate client, it is permissible to use it for product promotion in the selling area of ​​the branch / unit, if the order is the central company, then you have to coordinate with the rootpixel team how it is related mass use
[Article 2H]
It is prohibited to use Levidio as a stock asset in other editor applications, for example, you create applications / add-ons / templates both desktop apps, web apps, mobile applications and in the operating system and others that allow levidio content to be reprocessed.
1.3 Printed Projects / Print License
  • Unlimited print / unlimited for personal non-commercial projects
  • 100,000 prints or 100,000 printed sheets for commercial license, including All printed projects i.e client banners, magazines, books or any other printed projects
If the same product has been printed as many as 100,000 sheets (an accumulation of all your clients) then you have to re-purchase levidio to get another 100,000 print license.,

You are not allowed to :
Use ANY of Levidio design assets to create a merchandise for commercial purposes, It cannot be printed for t-shirts, mugs, etc. then used as stock for sale
Especially for vector levidio designs. You are allowed to use for printed projects for merchandise in one particular or small community, for example family group communities, hobbies, small community groups with maximum members of 100. It cannot be sold extensively such as marketplaces or private websites as a form of selling goods that generate profits
2.1. Font License
The latest version of Levidio fully uses Google Fonts. If there are fonts in the preview that are different and (maybe) use personal use fonts, it is certain that they are not included in the latest version in the download package.

If the user finds the use of a font with a personal / non-commercial license, then the user must understand the consequences of having to buy a commercial license through their respective font sites if they want to use these fonts in a commercial project.

Levidio is not responsible for the misuse of copyrights in the use of fonts without a commercial license by the users.
2.2. Audio
Audio in the preview is not included in the product, this is related to the license. If you want to use the audio preview license please contact https://support.rootpixel.net/ for information on purchasing audio licenses

We are planning to launch levidio audio library that you can use for your needs as a levidio member, Hopefully we can release it early 2021,

For more audio problem and concern, you can contact us at: https://support.rootpixel.net/
2.3. Photos and Videos
Levidio Photos and Videos are mostly licensed under the CC0 / Creative Common from several photo and video provider sites so they can be used for commercial projects

Some templates may use footage from vimeo as a demo requirement and as a user must pay attention to the license of the existing video every time you use Levidio for commercial project needs.
III. Rootpixel Cookies Policy
Rootpixel, like other websites, enforces a policy of saving your cookies shortly after you visit our website. Our system will detect your presence and store as cookies for 90 days. We are using JVZoo cokies policy for our products listed in jvzoo, read more here : https://www.jvzoo.com/legal
IV. Contact User Policy
We capture the data of every user who registers through our membership system. We will ensure all your email data, telephone numbers and account numbers are safe. We will not transfer or trade.

As a user, you also agree that we may contact you at any time via email related to product updates, information related to product launches or product recommendations for your business needs.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button in every email we send or responding to our short message with the message “I want to unsubscribe.
[Clause 1]
The only official purchase through the levidio or rootpixel wesbite, other than the payment on the website is illegal and violates copyright regulationsl, and it is very risky to use.

We do not allow anyone to resell levidio in any form. If you buy outside our official sales page or other than this page, of course it is illegal, invalid, so we assume that you’re doing illegal action and we won’t give you support for any problem caused.

In other words, it will not be used optimally. We hope you to appreciate digital products more. it took us months to years to bring this product to life, and it took you no more than a few minutes to get started using it.
[Clause 2]
Group buying is prohibited, one person's license cannot be transferred for any reason.
[Clause 3]
We use jvzoo refund policy that you can read here : https://www.jvzoo.com/refunds
[Article 3]
Levidio is a product that help you visualize your ideas, this is not an instant money-making program, not a get rich quick program, etc., we all share and learn together, from usage and how to monetize through levidio, everything has a process, and is discussed in the PREMIUM Levidio group. If you hope that you can get rich right after you buy our product then you can close this browser now.
VI. Copyright infringement
The levidio team has tried very hard to protect the copyright of every creative content that we use in our products. If a user finds content that is strongly suspected of violating copyright, please report it to the support team, and we will follow up immediately.

We are NOT responsible for any copyright infringement committed by each user, whether done intentionally or not. So that users must be wise in choosing creative content to be used together with Levidio products.
VII. Support
You can immediately join the Facebook Premium Group to be able to ask questions related to:
  • How to make money with levidio?
  • How to maximize Levidio's potential?
  • Any questions regarding license?
  • Advanced support? Monthly free bonus?
Or other questions related to the use of Levidio products. Freel free to contact us here : https://support.rootpixel.net