Discover the Easy and Effective Way to Create Studio Quality Videos & Graphics, WITHOUT the Need for Complex Programming or Editing Skills

Now you can create your own highly engaging 3D/2D video & graphics
in minutes using powerpoint and canva!

  • Newbie Friendly - Fully Tested. No tech skills!
  • Create High Quality 3D / 2D Video & Graphic for All Marketing Needs, such as: explainer video, social media kit, microblog,Instagram content, tiktok video, youtube video, facebook feed, whatsapp story, twitter feed, marketplace design and many more
  • No Additional Plugin Required, everything is performed within PowerPoint
  • Export your work to FULL HD Video
  • Get access to 3,545++ highest quality templates and assets
  • Step by step tutorials, help you to get started in minutes

Get Started With Levidio The Feed Volume 2 in 3 Simple steps

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 is designed even for beginners to be able to create professional 3D & 2D videos and graphics for any needs!
Choose One from Hundreds of Done for You Professional Templates
Modify templates easily. Follow the tutorial and customize it to your needs
You can export to 4K Video and High Quality Graphics

Check Out How Easy It is To Create Professional Video & Graphic using The Feed Volume 2

And Check Out What the World's Top Internet Marketers Say About Levidio

“I recommend the Levidio Templates because they are some of the highest quality ones I’ve found. I also love the very innovative techniques Ilham and his team use to pull off really sweet effects using SmartArt, masks, lens flares, and advanced animations that are easy to modify & use. Well done!”

Lon Naylor
Ex Microsoft guy

“I check out just about every PowerPoint video product on the market. Levidio templates and assets are easily the most creative and professional PowerPoint for video resources available. Congrats to the Rootpixel team for amazing work.”

Tracey Meagher
Vydeo Club

You can always rely on Levidio to deliver top quality and unbelievable value, and V4 is no different. It's puts impressive, ready to go video and web templates and stunning graphics kits right at your fingertips.

Chrissy Withers
Pro Video Vault
6,4 Billion
Smartphone Users

Social Media is the Largest Traffic Source in the World Today

And traffic is one of the key factors for increasing your sales. Even according to data from We Are Social, hootsuite:

83% Of Internet users are active on social media (we are social)

3.8 Billion People use social media (we are social)

Facebook, youtube, whatsapp, Instagram, tiktok are dominating the internet with mostly video content

Now it’s your time to dominate the internet and social media using high quality graphic and video that sells!

However, there are still many social media optimization problems

It’s Difficult to Create Social Media Content
It's hard to make high quality designs in a short time
It’s Expensive to Hire Designer

We found you a solution
Levidio The Feed Volume 2

New breakthrough from levidio to help anyone to create better promotion and branding to dominate all social media platforms

11 Modules

3.545 Templates dan Assets

Step-by-step Tutorials

11 Amazing Modules inside Levidio The Feed Volume 2

With a grand total of more than 3545 Templates and assets spread across 11 Modules ready
to help make your video and graphic design better than ever!
1. Social Media Kit
2200+ designs
2. Social Media Feed Designs
300+ designs
3. Tiktok, Instagram Reels & Youtube Shorts
300+ Animated Designs
4. Short Ads Animations
300+ Animated Designs
5. 3D Feed & Icons
80+ animated designs & 3D icon
6. Animated Infographic
40+ Animated Designs
7. Animated Frame Designs
10+ Animated Designs
8. Branding Kit Designs
100 Designs
9. Ecommerce Feed Designs
40+ Designs
10. Animated News Explainer Designs
70+ Animated Designs
11. Animated Microblog
15+ Animated Designs

The Best Features that Differentiate Levidio the Feed Volume 2 from Competitors or Other Levidio Series

Best 3D Animated Content and Assets

2022 is the era of 3D & Metaverse. Levidio The Feed Volume 2 takes that challenge and gives you access to the best templates and 3D assets for ANY Needs

Compatible with Canva

For the first time ever, Levidio The Feed Volume 2vides over 1,000 Designs that you can edit with free to use online graphic editor : Canva.

Quality Videos and Graphics

The Levidio team is 'responsible' for digital products that have crowned 27x international best product awards.

Compatible with Popular Social Media
Instagram, tiktok, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, youtube and many more!
Easy to Customize
Click, customzie and replace images, colors, text and audio using only powerpoint
Step by Step Tutorial
Getting ready with The Feed Volume 2 is now faster and easier
Innovative design
Your social media design will be more attractive and appealing
Unlimited Personal Use
Use our templates and assets for unlimited personal use
Easy to Integrate
Not only powerpoint, you can also use our assets with other software!

Check Out ALL Templates dan Modules inside Levidio The Feed Volume 2

Levidio Files Not included, Stock Model photos, Audio Preview and Video footage. Levidio files are animation and graphics templates & assets in powerpoint and other possible formats.

Module 1 - Social Media Kit

2200+ Total Designs in 52 niche categories. There are 2 ratios available ( 1:1 - feed and 9:16 - story ) in powerpoint version and 1 ratio (1:1 feed) in the Canva version.

Module 2 - Social Media Feed

300+ feed designs to increase social media interaction. 30 Content Categories ranging from Give away, anniversary, flash sale, quiz and many others. There are 2 ratios ( 1:1 - feed and 9:16 - story ) in the powerpoint version and 1 ratio (1:1 feed) in the Canva version

Module 3 - Tiktok, Instagram Reels & Youtube Shorts

300+ Animated Designs in 70+ templates that have been styled with TOP 3 Social media video platforms you can easily customize them with powerpoint. Available in 3 ratios (1:1 - feed , 9:16 - story and 16:9 - landscape)

Module 4 - Short Ads

300+ Animated Designs in 70+ templates to promote your products, easy to customize using only powerpoin. Available in 3 ratios (1:1 - feed , 9:16 - story and 16:9 - landscape).

Module 5 - 3D Feed & Icons

10+ Banner feed designs with 2 ratios (1:1 feed and 9:16 stories). Also equipped with 70+ 3D Icons that will make your content standout.

Module 6 - Animated Infographic

40 Animated Infographic Designs to make you easier to present your data with 2 ratios (1:1 - feed and 16:9 - landscape).

Module 7 - Animated Frame

10+ Design animation frames for profile introductions with 2 ratios (1:1 feed and 9:16 stories).

Module 8 - Branding Kit

100+ Branding Designs Starting from Logos, Business Cards to Letter Envelopes that will make it easier for you to create business design branding.

Module 9 - Ecommerce Design Kit

1140 Marketplace / Ecommerce Frames and Banners that will make your products standout from the crowds. Powerpoint and Canva versions are available.

Module 10 - News Explainer

70+ Animated designs in 10+ templates with viral news concepts that will make it easier for you to convey information quickly, available in 3 ratios (1:1 feed, 9:16 Story and 16:9 landscape) that can be customized with powerpoint.

Module 11 - Microblog

15 Animated microblog templates that will make it easier for you to create a series of posts with multiple slides. Canva's static version is also available.

Levidio saves you time and money
in creating professional videos and graphics

But do you know what is better than saving money? Making money!

Free Commercial License

Download Levidio The Feed Volume 2 now, and get a commercial license for all content, templates, and modules. This means you can use Levidio The Feed Volume 2 to make high-quality videos and graphics for your clients. You can start working as a professional video and graphic creator.

You can sell your video and graphic creation services through your website or social media or on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and much more!

Remember, With Levidio The Feed Volume 2 you can easily create high-quality videos or graphics in minutes. So it'll be a very easy job for you with virtually unlimited possibilities.

Get Access to Over 3545 ++ Templates, Assets and Design Slides for All Your Promotional and Branding Needs, right now!

Levidio The Feed Vol 2

2200+ Social Media Kit Designs
300+ Social Media Feed Designs
300+ Tiktok, Instagram Reels & Youtube Shorts
300+ Short Ads Animations
80+ 3D Feed & Icons
40+ Animated Infographic Designs
10+ Animated Frame Designs
10+ Animated Designs
100+ Branding Kit Designs
40+ Ecommerce Feed Designs
70+ Animated News Explainer Designs
15+ Animated Microblogs
Commercial license
Step by step tutorials
Levidio The Feed Volume 2 - The Fastest 3D & 2D Video Creator


What is this?
Levidio is Powerpoint Explainer/Presentation Video templates it's not a software, plugin or wordpress theme.
What is my license?
You'll get commercial license, and you can use it on unlimited projects for you and your clients. You're allowed for :

[ YES ] unlimited use on you and your client's web/video project
[ NO ] RE-SELL in anyway
[ NO ] Can't use for giveaway bonus
[ NO ] Can't give source files to client(s)

read more details here :
How do i edit it? and How's about compability?
Just open your powerpoint 2013 or above, but we strongly suggest you to use powerpoint 2016, because there is a morph effect in some parallax templates that is only work with powerpoint 2016. Editing Levidio Cinemagic as easy as click and replace with your own content, LEVIDIO work in powerpoint for WINDOWS AND MAC. But you need to know that powerpoint for mac is not as good as ppt for windows, because ppt for mac can't set the time for rendering.

Some of the effects we have provided might won't probably work if you're not using Microsoft Office 2013/2016, but rest assured, the graphic is 100% identical. Microsoft Office 2013 & 2016 are highly recommended to use as it has more features than others, but you still can use Levidio Cinemagic optimally even though you use other softwares, LEVIDIO work best with powerpoint 2013 & 2016 if you using office 2007 or 2010 it's will open but some effect and layout will not working perfectly.
Do you guarantee that users are able to create video in 10 minutes or less?
The 10 minutes video creation claim is how you can easily edit our template by editing business information and details or do a quick editing such as replace images and text.

Furthermore, if you need an advanced editing,
you'll spend more than 10 minutes (ofcourse). We can't guarantee everyone can have the same speed on editing, while some others can do the editing for less than 2 minutes, in some case people will need more time.
The results may vairy depend on your computer ability to render the video (the 10 minutes claim is not including render time anyway). But you can rest assured that we have made everything easy for you and Levidio is one of the easiest to edit template with step by step tutorial included.
Are there any One-Time-Offers or Upsells?
Yes. Here's what you get inside Levidio The Feed Vol. 2 Pro
Is canva version available for all modules?
Not. Our Canva templates are only available for modules 1, 2, 9 and 11 as described in the preview above.
How do I download it?
After successfully payment, you will received email to customer page and start download the amazing Levidio The Feed vol 2
Does audio come with the package?
Unfortunately no. But we give you direct link to the audio creator so you can purchase it separately.
What is your refund policy?
You should pay attention to our requirements, We Do The refund If there is an issue with the product and our technical support can't solve it for you, we will provide a refund for you within 30 days of your purchase.

PRODUCT USAGE POST-REFUND: By receiving a refund, you agree to remove all files downloaded from our website, and all rights to use the product will be revoked. We reserve the right to decline a refund if the client does not adhere to these conditions.

REFUND PROCESS: send your query to, DO NOT dispute via paypal, all refund is processing by JVzoo.

REFUND POLICY: Our refund policy only applies to the first time you purchase our product. Second time purchases will not be permitted the same rights to refund. We understand that sometimes the timing may not be right when you purchase our product and you may return to purchase later, but please be aware second purchase refund requests will not be permitted. This is to protect our product and ourselves from individuals who may take advantage of our refund policy.

DUPLICATE PURCHASE: In the event of a billing error or duplicate billing, will investigate the matter and issue a full refund if deemed necessary.
How do I contact support with any issue/concern?
Please send your question here :