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Creating Animated Explainer Videos Made Easy: 1-2-3 Steps
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Introducing the #1 Simple Video Creation Method - Say Goodbye to Boring Videos!

Customize Your Videos with Ease:

Add Your/Your Client's Business Name, Change Texts, Graphics, Colors, and Add Voice Over!

Create a Fantastic Animated Video Complete With a Real Human Voice-over by Simply Adding Your Business Name.

Take Your Animation Videos to the Next Level with the Best and Most Complete Animation Studio Sets in the Market.

Stand Out from the Crowd and Boost Sales with Stunning Animation Videos.

Create Sophisticated High-Quality Professional 3D Virtual Studios with Our All-in-One Solution.

Gain access to more than 1,100 templates and assets.

Our templates are compatible with PowerPoint, and our assets seamlessly integrate with any major video editing software or app.

Perfect for Marketers, Business Persons, Reviewers, YouTubers, Freelancers, Video Agencies, and More.

Commercial License Included: Use for Your Clients and Keep 100% of the Profit!

GAME-CHANGING Animation Video Explainer Creator With Real Human Voice-Over

Special Launch Deal Today Includes...

FULL Commercial Rights To Every Video Template and Asset, Allowing You to Easily Sell Video Creation Services to Your Clients As Well

Engage Your Viewers with Breathtaking Animated Videos

In Just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1


Select your preferred animated explainer video templates from our template library, or you can create from scratch using 1000+ animated video assets from Motion Town.

Step 2

Add Your/Your Clients' Business Name

Simply add your or your client's business name, and you are done. However, you can still easily customize text, graphics, colors, add voice-over, and more to create even more unique videos in any niche!

Step 3


Render your video and watch as your audience becomes captivated by your amazing animated video!

Finally, Create Animated Explainer Videos on Demand

Product Promotion


Business Presentation

Social Media Video

Nonprofit and Cause Awareness

Event Invitations

Product Demonstrations

Fundraising and Investor Pitches

Are You Tired Of Spending Hours On Video Production,

Only To End Up With Mediocre Results?

We all know that videos have dominated the internet in the past 10 years and are predicted to continue growing in the coming years. This is simply because video builds trust and sells!

But the problem is, in this video era, it's hard to get attention. Your video not only has to be good, but it has to be unique and stand out from the crowd. And one of the best video styles that captivates your audience is using virtual studios!

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos

Create Videos That Are 10x More Engaging

Animated explainer videos are a potent form of content for promotional purposes. These videos are characterized by their brevity and effectiveness in conveying information about product promotions, branding, or services.

According to Forbes, 90% of customers state that watching a video helps them make informed purchase decisions.

Additionally, Animoto's research indicates that 64% of people say they are more inclined to make a purchase after watching a video

And trust me,

high-quality animated explainer video really makes a


Take a look and decide which one you find more engaging:


A BRAND NEW Revolutionary Technology from Levidio That Enables You to Create Outstanding and Highly Engaging Animated Explainer Videos, Complete with Real Human Voiceovers, to Effectively Captivate and Attract More Customers in No Time.

Motion Town boasts an impressive collection of over 1,100 templates and assets. Our templates seamlessly integrate with PowerPoint, and our assets are compatible with any major video editor. We provide our assets in highly popular formats, ensuring compatibility with all video editing software."

Let Me Share What Motion Town Can Do For Your Business

Here’s what's included with Motion Town:

Create Unlimited High-Quality Animated Explainer Videos

Motion Town has no limits when it comes to creating animated explainer videos. You can generate UNLIMITED projects for both you and your clients.

Done-For-You Templates in Popular Niches

Our team has prepared world-class templates ready for the most popular niches, based on our research of top local and online businesses.

Editable/Customizable As Easy As Drag and Drop

All elements can be easily customized. This includes images, videos, text, and audio, enabling you to create more engaging videos and presentations for any purpose.

Works For ALL Niches

ALL elements and slide templates are easily editable, allowing you to utilize Motion Town for projects in ANY niche.

Full HD - 4K Resolutions

You can export videos in 4K resolution or use them in presentation formats.

Embed Video Inside Your Slide

Enhance the impact of your projects by embedding videos within your Motion Town templates.


Motion Town can be utilized for a wide range of needs, from promotional videos and business presentations to e-courses. Create videos and presentations for ANY purpose.

Extremely comprehensive and versatile

With over 1,100 templates and assets available, our templates function seamlessly with PowerPoint, while our assets seamlessly integrate with any leading video editing software.

Step-by-step Tutorial

We provide a comprehensive step-by-step video tutorial that will guide you through mastering and maximizing Motion Town quickly and easily.

Watch How We Create a Video in Under 60 seconds

Explore the Incredible Modules Within Motion Town

Module #1 Motion Town Video Explainer Templates

Create captivating videos with pre-designed templates and real human voiceovers for top popular niches, perfect for engaging your audience and promoting your business.

Module #2 Motion Town - Animated Characters & Assets

Bring your animations to life with a diverse collection of animated characters and assets, perfect for any project.

Module #3 Pictogram Animation

Simplify complex ideas with dynamic pictogram animations that convey your message with clarity and style.

Module #4 Scene Backgrounds

Set the stage for your narratives with a range of scene backgrounds, adding depth and atmosphere to your visuals.

Module #5 Motion Town Object Assets

Access a plethora of object assets to enhance your animations and make your scenes more interactive.

Module #6 Banner Promotion Templates

Create eye-catching promotional banners effortlessly using these customizable templates.

Module #7 Icon Set

Elevate your design with a versatile set of icons, covering a wide array of concepts and themes.

Module #8 Infographic Templates

Present data in a visually appealing manner using these infographic templates, making information easy to digest

Module #9 Animated Hand Gestures

Add a human touch to your animations with a variety of animated hand gestures, enriching your storytelling

Module #10 Typography Pack

Make your text visually stunning with this typography pack, featuring a range of creative fonts and styles

Module #11 Comic Builder

Craft attention-grabbing comics and visual narratives with this intuitive comic builder tool

Module #12 Doodle Whiteboard

Create captivating whiteboard animations with attractive doodles, perfect for educational content and presentations

Module #13 Transition Effects

Seamlessly transition between scenes with a diverse set of transition effects, adding fluidity to your videos

Module #14 Logo Opener Templates

Make your brand stand out from the start with engaging logo opener templates that leave a lasting impression

Meet All Your Explainer Video Needs
Without Monthly Fees Or Technical Nightmares

Full Commercial Rights

Generate high-quality animated explainer video for both your projects and your clients.

Unlimited Usage

No more waiting, queuing, or paying per project.

Launch Special Bonuses

Obtain These Free Upgrades To Enhance Your Results

Special Bonus #1

100+ Premium Animated Characters Bundle

Receive over 100 premium animated characters at no extra cost when you purchase VidClip.

Special Bonus #2

Premium Promo Video Templates

Boost sales with astonishing promo video templates that you can effortlessly personalize, allowing you to promote any product in any niche.

Get Started with Motion Town:

Here's Everything You're Accessing Today

Motion Town - Create Amazing Animated Videos with Real Human Voice in 60 Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that Motion Town is not standalone software, a plugin, an app, or a WordPress theme. To edit our templates, you will need PowerPoint for Windows. However, all of our other assets are available in the widely-used PNG and GIF formats, making them compatible with most major video editing software on both PC and MAC.

Please be advised that the preview module section on this sales page accurately depicts all the items that are included. We always aim to provide you with a “what you see is what you get” experience.

With your purchase of Motion Town, you will receive a commercial license that allows you to use the product for commercial purposes. Under the commercial license, you are permitted to use the product on an unlimited number of projects for yourself and your clients. However, you are not allowed to resell the product in any form or give it away as a bonus. Additionally, you are not allowed to provide the source files to your clients. Please respect these usage guidelines.

If you would like to learn more about our license, please visit: [](

We kindly suggest that you open PowerPoint 2013 or a more recent version, as using the latest version of PowerPoint is recommended for optimal results. Some of our parallax templates include a morph effect that is only available in PowerPoint 2016 or newer. Editing with Motion Town is as simple as clicking and replacing the content with your own. Motion Town is compatible with both Windows and Mac versions of PowerPoint. However, please be aware that PowerPoint for Mac may not be as efficient as PowerPoint for Windows, as it lacks the capability to set rendering times.

Please note that certain effects in our bundle may not function properly if you are not using the latest version of PowerPoint for Windows. Nonetheless, the graphics will remain consistent. For enhanced features, we highly recommend using Microsoft Office 2016 or a later version. However, you can still use Motion Town effectively with other software. Our LEVIDIO platform is best utilized with PowerPoint 2016 or newer. If you are using Office 2007 or 2010, it will open, but some effects and layouts may not perform as intended.

Our sales page mentions that you can easily edit our template by adding your business information and details or making quick edits like replacing pictures and text using PowerPoint. However, if you require more advanced editing, it may take longer than a few minutes. We cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same editing speed, as some individuals might complete the editing in less than 10 minutes while others may need more time. The rendering time is not included in the “few minutes” claim, and it may vary based on your computer’s rendering capability. Nevertheless, we assure you that we have made the process as easy as possible, and our Motion Town template includes a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the editing process.

Yes, we have additional products available for purchase. Our first upsell is Motion Town Pro, priced at $37, which provides exclusive access to additional templates with a commercial license. These unique templates and assets will help you create standout videos and graphics. Our second upsell is the Levidio bundle, including four of our top-selling products at over a 60% discount. These upsells are exclusively available to new customers who purchase the basic edition of Motion Town.

Regrettably, this is not feasible. The voiceover integrated into the template is derived from a genuine human voice rather than being AI-generated. Consequently, the voiceover will retain its original form, consistent with what you’ve experienced in the demonstration.

Nevertheless, you retain the option to incorporate your personal voice recording or leverage any external AI-powered text-to-voice technology, seamlessly integrating it into our template for a customized experience. This provides you with the flexibility to tailor the audio output to your preferences while utilizing the template’s framework.

Once you have completed the payment process, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the customer page and download Motion Town to your computer.

I’m sorry, but we are unable to provide the audio file. However, we can provide you with a direct link to the audio creator, allowing you to obtain it separately.

We hope you are satisfied with your purchase from our website. If there is an issue with the product that our technical support cannot resolve, we will be happy to provide a refund within 30 days of your purchase. Please note that by accepting a refund, you agree to delete all files downloaded from our website, and all rights to use the product will be revoked. Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in the denial of the refund.

To request a refund, please send your query to []( Please avoid disputing the purchase via PayPal, as all refund requests will be processed through JVzoo. Our refund policy applies only to the initial purchase of our product. If you make a second purchase, you will not be eligible for a refund. We understand that timing might affect your purchase decisions, but please note that second-purchase refund requests will not be accepted. This policy aims to protect our product and prevent misuse of our refund policy.

If you have accidentally made a duplicate purchase due to a billing error or other issue, please contact us at [](, and we will investigate the matter and issue a full refund if necessary.

If you have questions, please use the following link to contact us: []( We value your inquiry and will strive to provide a prompt and helpful response.

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