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Levidio Virtual Studio Bundle

With Virtual Studio Bundle, you'll get a huge collection of ready-to-use high quality Animated Virtual Studio Set with the price that less than 1 set. You'll also be getting a static green screen version allowing you to put your own backdrops. Not only that, we have any other modules such as powerpoint virtual studio builder, green screen actors and motion video background that will take your spokesperson & green screen videos to the next level


to All Modules That You'll Get insied Our All-in-One Virtual Studio Set

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Can I Use Bonuses From Levidio Virtual Studio Bundle For Other Affiliate Promotion?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NO. These bonuses are available exclusively for Levidio Virtual Studio Bundle promo.
You can't re-use, re-sell or redistribute all bonuses. You are not allowed to copy graphics and any other bonus content from Levidio Virtual Studio Bundle. We made most of bonuses from scratch, that's why we can say that it's going to help you increase conversion and help you with the promo.
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