Virtual Studio Bundle allows you to create visually engaging videos that captivate viewers to increase conversions

Ready to use animated virtual studios
Static green screen virtual studios
3D animated motion video backgrounds
Virtual Studio Builder
Green screen actors

Change your boring video into
highly captivating video in 15 seconds

Your video goes from this...
To this...

Virtual Studio Mega Bundle

  • With Virtual Studio Bundle , you'll get a collection of ready-to-use, high quality animated virtual studio sets for the price of less than 1 set.
  • You'll also be getting a static green screen version, allowing you to create your own backdrops.
  • Not only that, we have any other modules, such as a PowerPoint virtual studio builder, green screen actors and motion video backgrounds that will take your spokesperson and green screen videos to the next level.

Virtual Studio Bundle Allows You to Transform Your Old-Boring Video
into Highly Captivating Video in 3 Simple Steps

Choose Your Virtual Studio

You can easily choose one from hundreds of professional virtual studio scenes that we have provided

Drag and Drop Your Media & Blend it With Virtual Studios

You can use any of your green screen replacers (even the free version) to start integrating your green screen video with our amazing virtual studios.


Render and your video is now ready to engage your viewers even more!

How can you use Virtual Studio Bundle?

Green screen video creation

In green screen related project

Create unlimited unique different backscreens using backdrop.

In different of project

such as graphic design, presentation, video creation, and etc.

Why Virtual Studio Bundle is the best &
biggest virtual studio
backdrop collection?

Unique Video Backdrops

You can expect a unique virtual studio that has never before been seen anywhere. It will surely make your video stand out from the crowd.

Easy to Customize

With the help of PowerPoint and our virtual studio creator, you can create custom virtual studio backgrounds.

Easy to Integrate

You can use any of your green screen replacers (even the free version) to start integrating your spokesperson video with our amazing virtual studios.

Take a closer look

at all modules that you'll get inside our all-in-one virtual studio set

What's the Investment?

Well first, let's look at what you'd need to pay for similar templates elsewhere...

Virtual Studio Bundle saves you time and money in creating studio quality videos for any purposes.

But do you know what is better than saving money? Making money!

Free Commercial License

Download Virtual Studio Bundle now, and get a commercial license for all content, templates, and modules. This means you can use Virtual Studio Bundle to make high-quality videos and graphics for your clients. You can start working as a professional video and graphic creator

You can sell your video and graphic creation services through your website or social media or on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and much more!

Remember, With Virtual Studio Bundle you can easily create high-quality videos in minutes. So it'll be a very easy job for you with virtually unlimited possibilities.

Unlock Exclusive Access to the Virtual Studio Mega Bundle - Get 785+ Premium Virtual Studio Assets with Commercial License for an Unbeatable Price!

to Create Low Cost - High Converting Videos and Graphics for just

Virtual Studio Mega Bundle

  • Ready To Use Animated Virtual Studios
  • Green Screen Virtual Studios
  • Animated Motion Video Backdrops
  • Virtual Studio Builder
  • Green Screen Actors
  • Commercial License
Virtual Studio Bundle - Exclusive Deal

Get Your Hand On The Most Advanced Green Screen
and Spokesperson Video Assets Today

and get instant access to :
Virtual Studio Mega Bundle
Gain access to an extensive package of 785+ Best Virtual Studio Assets with a Commercial License, allowing you to create stunning videos and graphics with ease.
Step by step tutorial
Even though Virtual Studio is incredibly user-friendly, we provide comprehensive step-by-step training to ensure you become proficient in utilizing all the tools and features it offers.
World class support
Have any questions or need assistance? Our friendly support staff is available at any time to provide you with top-notch support and guidance
Ironclad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We stand behind our product. If you encounter any technical issues that we're unable to resolve, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please note that valid reasons are required for requesting a refund, as we pride ourselves on our 99% customer problem-solving record.

Rest assured, your purchase is protected, and we are committed to your satisfaction. Get started with the most advanced video and graphic editing suite today!
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