Create Better and More Engaging Video, Podcast, eCourse & Presentation With 100% Original Audio Backgrounds

Stop wasting time searching for good audio files… get 100% original, royalty-free and legal bundles of sound effects and background tracks.

  • Exclusive collection, we create ALL audios and sound effects from scratch
  • 100% UNIQUE studio-quality audio backgrounds. It’s not taken from ANY free audio website
  • No attribution required, 100% royalty-free, no copyright headache
  • Flexible license, use for any of your digital projects that published on the internet
  • SUPER HUGE Audio backgrounds and sound effects to choose from
  • Levidio Pro covers various genres that suit any of your digital projects

Make Your Videos 10X Better
in 3 Simple steps

Choose One from a Huge Collection of 100% Unique Studio Quality Audio Backgrounds
Import Our Audio into ANY Video Software That You Already Have
Your Video is Now Ready to Engage Your Viewers

Little Mistake
That Make Your Videos Boring

I know you must have at least one video software and tons of video templates in your collection. We all know that video is a very powerful media to promote your product and brand

Unfortunately not all videos can attract viewers, instead of getting a sale your audience mayleave your video in seconds. This can happen because your video may lack one critical part : high-quality audio

High-Quality Audio Will Skyrocket
Your Digital Projects

Audio has always been a critical part of video or ANY digital media. Audio brings more engagement and gives you the power to touch the emotions of your audience

Unfortunately There Are Many Problems with Audio Backgrounds:

  • Most audio has Copyright issues. You should be ready to say goodbye to your digital projects at any time.
  • Free audio is too mainstream. It’s used by millions of people, hence it’s not actually free because you have to give attribution, PLUS the artist can change his mind and take down your video at any time
  • You can always purchase premium audio, but it will cost you hundreds of dollars for 1 piece of audio with a standard license
Don’t worry. We found you a solution


Levidio Audio Pro

The first to market a 100% Original All-in-One Audio Solution to Help You Create Better and More Engaging Videos, Podcasts, Elearning Courses and Presentations; Using ANY Software That You Already Have

Play The Video Below to Listen 'A Few 'of The Breath-taking Music Samples Inside Levidio Audio Pro :

3 Advantages of Levidio Audio Pro

Levidio Audio Pro is a Premium Audio Collection for Videos, Podcasts,
eCourses, Presentations and Your Entire Digital Projects

Exclusively Made by Levidio Audio Expert

We can guarantee you that all audio in Levidio Audio Pro is 100% unique, exclusively made by our team in the studio to produce premium audio for your project needs. We are not re-selling audio from free audio or stock media sites.

Top Quality Audio Tracks

Levidio Audio Pro contains dozens of high-quality audio tracks designed to produce engaging videos, presentations or digital promotional media

Flexible License

It's time for you to be free to use premium audio backgrounds for your digital and social media platforms without worrying about getting license reporting issues

Audio Preview

Listen The Breath-taking Music Samples Inside Levidio Audio Pro
Module #1

Music Background

Audio tracks that you listen here is just an example, with low quality and watermarked. Inside member area you’ll be getting a high quality download results with no watermark

Corporate Music 1

Inspirational Music 1

Epic Cinematic 1

Ukulele Music 1

Romantic Music 1

Middle East Music 1

Kids Music 1

Dark Music 1

Corporate Music 2

Inspirational Music 2

Ukulele Music 2

Corporate Music 3

Romantic Music 2

Middle East Music 2

Kids Music 2

Corporate Music 4

Inspirational Music 3

Corporate Music 5

Epic Cinematic 2

Corporate Music 6

Epic Cinematic 3

Corporate Music 7

Ukulele Music 3

Corporate Music 8

Middle East Music 3

Corporate Music 9

Ukulele Music 4

Epic Cinematic 4

Dark Ambience

Corporate Music 10

Romantic Music 3

Corporate Music 11

Middle East Music 4

Dark Music 2

Romantic Music 4

Oriental Music

Corporate Music 12

Module #2

Music Opener

Audio is just an example, low quality and watermarked, high quality download results and no watermark

Corporate Opener 1

Epic Cinematic Opener 1

Simple Opener 1

Clap Opener 1

Sport Opener 1

Glitch Opener 1

Kids Opener 1

Corporate Opener 2

Epic Cinematic Opener 2

Simple Opener 2

Corporate Opener 3

Sport Opener 2

Clap Opener 2

Glitch Opener 2

Corporate Opener 4

Kids Opener 2

Epic Cinematic Opener 3

Simple Opener 3

Sport Opener 3

Clap Opener 3

Glitch Opener 3

Clap Opener 4

Epic Cinematic Opener 4

Simple Opener 4

Sport Opener 4

Clap Opener 5

Kids Opener 3

Clap Opener 6

Module #3

Original Sound Effects Bundle

Add sound effects to your digital projects to give the best impression and increase engagement with all of your audience


Sales Video


Ecourse Video




Video Ads

Social Media

And basically ANY digital projects

Enough? Not Yet


Levidio Bonus #1

Huge Multipurpose Video Templates Easily editable using PowerPoint

Levidio Bonus #2

Multipurpose Social Media Story Video Templates

Levidio saves you time and money in creating professional videos and graphics.

But do you know what is better than saving oney? Making money!

Free Commercial License

Download Levidio Audio Pro now, and get a commercial license for all content, templates, and modules. This means you can use Levidio Audio Pro to make high-quality videos and graphics for your clients. You can start working as a professional video and graphic creator.

You can sell your video and graphic creation services through your website or social media or on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and much more!

Remember, With Levidio Audio Pro you can easily create high-quality videos or graphics in minutes. So it'll be a very easy job for you with virtually unlimited possibilities.

Levidio Audio Pro is Number One Choice
of All Internet Marketers

Create Better and More Engaging Videos
Find Best Audio Tracks for Client’s Projects
Boost Your Youtube Video Engagement and Gain More Subscribers
Make Remarkable Podcasts With Premium Audio Tracks
Deliver Professional Quality Elearning Course
Create Unlimited Digital Projects for You and Your Clients

Get Access to Over 600+ Original Audio & Sound Effects to Create Better And More Engaging Video, Podcast, eCourse, Games OR Any Other Digital Projects Today!

Levidio Audio Pro
  • Studio-Quality Music backgrounds
  • Premium Music opener
  • Huge Collection of Original Sound FX
  • Commercial license
  • Unlimited Use
  • No Attribution Required
  • Fast action bonuses : Huge premium video templates
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Levidio Audio Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Levidio Audio Pro is a collection of Audio and sound fx For ANY of your digital projects, you can use yes for Commercial Projects As agreed on this page
Unlimited Use, Unlimited use for your commercial projects on digital media ( YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and all social media) either personal project or client project.

For broadcast or TV use, there are different licenses, if you need a broadcast license, please check the license menu in the member area
Levidio Audio Pro is not resaleable, You can use it for the client but not separate from the final file submitted to the client (final video and non-editable format)
Levidio Audio Pro is made directly ORIGINALLY by our team, all raw file data and copyright are owned by Rootpixel as the audio vendor. If in the future there is a copyright claim from an irresponsible party, we can help you to process audio claims, please chat support